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Dafabet Review

Dafabet was founded in 2004 and has quickly grown to become a premium name in sportsbook betting across the Asian continent and beyond. Currently, Dafabet Nigeria is considered to be among the most popular bookmakers that have ever originated from the region. It is ranked among the most user-friendly platforms in sportsbook betting. Currently, Dafabet has partnerships with Fulham FC, Celtic Glasgow, Wales, and Norwich City.

Dafabet Review for Nigeria

Although it never accepts players from countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and some of the countries in Europe like Ireland, German, Portugal, and France, Dafabet does have a very large and fast-growing base across the globe. It is well known for having a great bonus system, which is the main reason it currently covers over 4000 sporting events.

How to register on Dafabet bet Kenya?

For you to register at Dafabet online, you will have to go to its website and click on the ‘Join Now’ button. You can then key in the information you requested and then click ‘Create Account’ to complete the registration process. It is also possible to register via SMS. To join via SMS, you can text’ join,’ ‘register,’ or ‘Dafabet’ to 29567. You will then receive an SMS that contains your PIN and password.

Welcome to Dafabet, Kenya! Username is :< mobile number>. The pin is «PIN». Web password is «password». Use the pay bill to top up.

You can always log in to the Dafabet website using the credentials you have supplied and deposit the amount you are comfortable with.

The registration process is easy and fast and does not require any professional assistance.

Bet Types on Dafabet

Dafabet always ensures that their players understand the rules, types of wagers, terms and conditions, and bet types before putting their money at stake. It never matters if you are a starter or an experienced better. Below are the types of bets we offer:

Outright Betting

It means betting on the winner on a particular event such as a race, tournament, or match. When you place your bet outright, you are placing a stake on the competitors who fill out the designated place in a particular event. In situations where there are more winners, ‘dead heat’ is normally declared. It will mean there are two or even more winners in a particular contest. In such a scenario, the payout will always be divided by the number of winners without considering the stake.

For example, here is a player who places a bet of $80 on Ronaldo at 1.40. However, Mueller and Ronaldo were the top scorers, the payout will be $80/2* (1.40) = 56


MoneyLine simply means placing a bet on a team or player to overcome a competitor in a particular event or a match. This betting type, only one winner will be declared, and a dead heat or a draw is never a possibility. In other sporting events, we do have the term ‘The Field,’ which means that all the competitors apart from the one mentioned.


In Handicap, there is that virtual head starts to the competitor before the start. It means the winner is the one that has better scores after the end of the match, together with the head start that is given at the start. Handicap rules are usually set depending on a particular period. Fulltime or half-time is a perfect example.

Over/Under betting

It means having a predesigned line at the start of a particular event. The winner is normally determined by adding the scores up when the time is given is completed, for example, full-time or half-time. In case the total scores when adding the total number of scores is more than the pre-designated line, then the result is over. However, when the total scores are less than the line predesigned, the result is under.

Odd/Even Betting

In this betting, the winner is usually determined whether the total number of scores or points is odd or on a particular period, like full-time or half time.

Single Team Odd/Even

It simply means placing a bet to predict whether the total number of points, scores, or a particular player or team is even or odd, including the scores that are made during extra time.

Mix Parlays

Mix Parlays is a wager type that puts a bet in a combination of two or more events. When all selections win, the player will win and will be the pain amount combining the odds of all the selections.

However, in case one selection fails, the player will lose no matter what the other selection results are. In case an event is postponed, odds for that particular selection will usually be reset to 1.0. The Mix parlays usually comprise of different combinations: Yankee, Super Heinz, Trixie, Canadian and Heinz

Live Bets/In Running

It is a type of betting which is often referred to as a live betting market where the operator is the one who opens up the betting lines in live events. However, this betting type is not applicable in all the selections and only for particular ones that are marked ‘Live.’ With the discretion of the operator, the high momentum risks in live events are usually frozen or pending until such a time when the operator will accept it. The danger moments or high risks include corner kicks, penalty kicks, and free kicks that are awarded to the team that is attacking.

1×2 betting

In 1×2 betting, the 1 represents home, X represents draw while two represents away. Simply means that there are three possible outcomes in a given event during a particular period, such as the first 10 minutes, half time, or full time.

Correct score betting

As the name suggests, correct score betting simply refers to placing a bet by predicting the final score at the end of a particular time, such as full time or half time.

Full-time Betting/Half-time

This betting type means placing a bet by predicting the outcome of both a half-time and a full-time minus the extra time of a given event. Some initials are usually used about the international standards like D, H, and A. D stands for Draw, A stands for Away while H stands for home. Players are usually allowed to select two selections like AH, Last Goal/First Goal/ First Half First Goal and Last Goal.

This betting type means placing a bet by pretending a particular team’s score the first goal and the team that scores the last goal in a particular match. We do have specific terms that are usually used regarding the sports betting market standards like HL, meaning home team/player scores first, HF meaning home team/player scores.

Dafabet Website

How to Bet On Dafabet?

First, you can always place a single bet. You can place a bet on a match-winner, which can be a three-way or a 1×2. Start by navigating to ‘football’ by clicking on ‘sports.’ Use the menu that is located on the left-hand side. Choose the league you want to place your bet in.

It is also possible to type the team’s name in the search bar that is located at the top right-hand side of the page. After that, hover over the three icon dots that are located at the right side of the fixture and select ‘SMS code.’ Here you will be provided with the details. To see other markets, you can choose the +xx icon and click on the SMS icon that is next to the relevant market you need to explore.

The possible outcomes:

  • 1 Team 1 wins
  • X Draw
  • 2 Team 2 wins



Live Casino

To place the bet, SMS the code’ GameID#Outcome#Stake’ to 29567

For example Example: 4664#X#100

4664 is the ID of the game, X is a draw as the outcome, and ‘100’ is the stake amount.

An SMS message will be sent to your phone on the details you have placed on and the possible win.

Bonuses and Promotions

Certainly, you will always be happy to know that you will always get a great welcome bonus for signing up at Dafabet. When you choose to sign up and create an account, you will always be allowed to claim your free bonus.

The welcome bonus does change regularly but does offer one with a solid % in the form of free cash to play in addition to your first deposit made. It is a great betting value, although it is recommended that one pays attention to the wagering amounts.

All promotions in Dafabet inclusive of the welcome bonus do come in a very large wagering requirement. Dafabet promotion will have to be dealt with in a particular way. One must be able to win 12x the amount of bonus. It means that you will have to use the free cash a few times to help you return what you did win in the first place.

You will have a total of 90 days to satisfy the bonus; hence, you will have to keep in mind if you decide what to utilize. Apart from the first deposit match bet, you will always get very solid promotions together with freebies provided to you from time to time.

Dafabet Mobile App

The majority of bookmakers do have mobile applications nowadays. Most players do prefer betting with them since they are ideal for taking while on the go. Unfortunately, the mobile app is one thing that Dafabet does not have. Although it is quite a shame, you will always find particular mobile bonuses with phone apps. The bookmaker still has you covered for betting even when you decide to bet from their mobile site that you can also gain access to a computer when you need to slim down on the website version.

The website design of the mobile version is much cleaner than that of the original site. You will always find lots of data on the website side. Instead, it is always a blank space that you can look for, although it makes the website look much sleeker when used on an iOS phone or android phone. You will always get sporting markets from the main website on the side menu that can easily be accessed by choosing an icon at the top left of the screen.

Payment Options

Deposit & Withdraw
  • Debit & Credit Card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill and more

There are a few payment options when it comes to payment methods at Dafabet. The first two options are the debit card and credit card. These can be used in making deposits and withdrawals. The deposit is usually instant when used in this way, while the withdrawals usually take 3-5 days to process.

It is also possible for one to make a deposit using Neteller or Skrill. However, they will have to remember that it is impossible to receive a bookmaker bonus to make a deposit.

Dafabet takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to process withdrawals.

Support Contacts

Dafabet customer support is great. There is a contact email and live chat support. It is also possible to have a phone call chat when you prefer to have a staff member at Dafabet quickly assist you; then, you can go for a phone call. The staff members at Dafabet are very friendly and always ready to help resolve any issue you are facing within the shortest time possible. However, it is highly advisable that you only contact the support staff at Dafabet when you have a pressing issue and not to make unnecessary calls.

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After complying with the NEW Government requirements and regulations, Dafabet has resumed all its operations in Nigeria. The operations include offering jackpot and virtual games through SMS and web, sports betting, mobile, and increasing retail outlets. Dafabet can now serve its fast and growing population without having to worry about the interference of the government as they have all the necessary licenses that enable them to conduct their operations in the country.